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November 3rd, 2009 - Vegas is upon us and we decided not to that ends our season for 2009. We feel it was successful in most ways and we have one fast Hot rod, so it is time to get the new IGOR onto the dyno and find out what it wants. Next year will be fun and when we eliminate our mistakes, IGOR will be a happy camper, a fast happy camper. Phoenix in February can't come soon enough, keep in touch over the winter and thanks for all your support.

October 8th, 2009 - It would be hard to imagine the level of abuse that we have dumped on our fans this year....first.... I want to apologize....second.....I want to try to understand how anything in this world could be so difficult. The formula is simple, build a good car , makes lots of go fast.....WRONG....suffice to say.....we are committed

If the truth was known, we should be headed for Oklahoma....and  we might. still....but Oklahoma is a long's kind of cool that a friend of ours is offering to take IGOR to we could fly....and take a shot at the title....then on to Vegas....I hope we don't live to regret this.....but I can't imagine us doing it........

July 28th, 2009 - When I think back to the Seattle National event, last year, we needed to finish off what we didn't the final. Expectations were high and our battle to calm the new power down, continued, qualified #2 and lost in round 1, due to a growing pain mistake. We will fight through this stuff, but I'm not afraid to is painful. Some years ago, I started noticing that....nothing is as it appears to be....the path to correct a problem is often the other direction, so off we go into the world of dealing with something that is "too good, "at least for now.
IGOR, IJ, Son of IGOR, whatever this monster's name is, will eventually make us better, one of the big slaps in the face will turn a light on.....soon....thanks for all the good words, they will ultimately point us in the right direction.....stay tuned....

July 13th, 2009 - It seems like it was yesterday....we set the record.....8.05@167mph......well's too's in the books...Thank you everyone for your belief in's all history now....

July 3rd, 2009 - Time flies....we have a problem that most would love to crazy as this seems...we have too much power. New plans to manage this, are in place, but we have our hands full.....chassis set up's are new, clutch setup's are good as new power's a problem....a good problem, but still a problem. So where do we go from here.....directly to the fast lane....but it ain't what you think. Roger Brogdon told me 3 years ago...that this was going to be tougher than I could imagine....he is more right than i ever could understand....but it's a good thing.
We're headed for Woodburn, then Seattle (nat'l)....the plot unfolds.....

June 17th, 2009 - We are home from Spokane and the startling performance of IGOR jr continues. #1 qualifier (by a considerable margin) only to lose in the third round because I lifted too soon and lost by a 12 inches. Considering we could of won by 100 ft., we need to find a balance......we're working on it. Off to Seattle today, for one of the back to back races we have this year. We are just scratching the surface with this new problem called I J, he is showing us a path of power that defy's belief and the RPM  rate, is in another zone....the ozone.

You can follow along, by logging into and click on Sportsman, we race division 6 , so look for 6-4, Competition Eliminator. If it looks like an odd # car field(19 for example), we'll be shooting for #1.....I J is a kid and he wants #1 all the time, but sometimes the kid's got to stay in on a Friday's good for their discilpine....later in life......helps with that attitude thing...good luck with that.

June 8th, 2009 - The new IGOR he cometh......he's here....and he's got an attitude....see you in Spokane.

May 26, 2009 - IJ (pronounced eye jay} for IGOR JR. debuted himself with a win at his home track, Mission. IGOR (the old man) won last year and he was resting under the bench in the trailer while he proudly watched his son rev up. IJ was cranky and fought off his debut until the last minute, when a 13 day problem was found by our new Hero, Pat. Pat crews for IGOR and he found the problem on Sat. night......from the #16 spot in qualifying (of 16 cars) we worked our way through the field to win from the back door, so to speak. I don't know what the recipe for winning is (if there is one) but you definitely don't want this one. We're off to Spokane on June 12th and this will be the 1st NHRA race at this facility and we are told that it is 1st class. The start to our season was a little late, but it got on the right track (pardon the pun) so we'll keep the ball rolling. IJ is rather revvy, I think the best is yet to come......stay tuned....

May 20, 2009 - It was not unlike the cry of a new born, Saturday, May 9th, 2009 @ 8.16 pm , the sound of Son of IGOR could be heard, slowly, carefully, the throttle was applied and the new sound left a puzzled look on everyone's face.  A minimal amount of throttle applied, sent the rpm up at a rate we have never seen and the shift light flashed, Son of IGOR has an attitude. We have spent the last week sorting out new motor bugs (mostly computer related, what else is new) but suffice to say we will be putting it into the trailer and heading for Mission on Wednesday ( I was beginning to think I'd never say that). We'll run the test and tune on Thursday , to get the cob webs out, and we hope to see everyone over the weekend. Last year there was quite a large group of friends and customers that made the trip to the track, but I failed to post the times and the days we were there , (and I heard about it from everyone else that would of been there) here goes, Friday, May 22nd, 2 rounds of Comp qualifying, Saturday May 23rd, 2 rounds of qualifying and Sunday May 24th, final eliminations start at 11 am. Come by and say hello, the hospitality cooler will be full and Son of IGOR wants to say Hi. if you can't find our trailer, listen for that strange noise and walk towards it, approach with caution, he's got an attitude.

April 25, 2009 - I'm happy I qualified the possibility of getting to the dyno and to Boise on time......NOT. We are fighting thru the complications that continue to delay the introduction of Son of IGOR. Monday last we decided to not go back and put IGOR in and go to Boise. The new IGOR is going to get finished, and then we will set a plan in place. Sorry for the lack of accomplishment, but it has been a monumental battle....i will promise some good results when we finish this, but for now you will have to bear with us. Every day gets us closer....i'm sure it will be worth the wait......Mission , May 23....BE THERE!

April 12, 2009 - OK, here it is, Mission has rained out each weekend in April, we will be making noise in the garage, then onto the dyno, then back into the car and head for Mission to test, April 24th weekend. All goes well we will head for Boise and start the season...even if it doesn't go well, we'll start the season. In a million years, I would never have dreamed we'd have to make valve springs and shims, but we did. We made everything.....and we still are making things....but the list is getting shorter....Son of Igor is close...really close and you'll hear him. It'll be that rumble in the air...coming to a town near you....

February 28th, 2009 - Happy New you thought we would never post an update. We had several internet issues that took forever to clear up......we're back.....The IGOR Project has been filled with hurdles, that at times seem impossible to conquer.....Son of IGOR is holding true to the tradition of difficulty, but we are winning. The CNC Billet everything, has proven to be a very slow process, so we are still not finished, suffice to say we were supposed to go to Phoenix for the back to back races this weekend. The dyno is seeing quite a bit of the IGOR's, it will be nice to take a rest , put it in the car and go to the races.....soon. Vegas April 2nd, was going to be our 1st race , but I'm all done with predictions....I will promise you to post the 1st race date, as soon as I know. We are going to change the look of the site (not that it was over due) and our plans for the year will be laid out. Next time you read an update, the car will be in the trailer headed for a race track and we are all looking forward to that.....

November 18th, 2008 - The World Finals are in the books and all of us at Harrison / Lougheed Racing congratulate Dan Fletcher and the Rick Braun team , for an awesome performance of talent and dominance. I think it would be safe to say that IGOR will be in your face next year, but Son of IGOR is developing an attitude, he thinks IGOR Sr. is a bit of a lightweight. The dyno has filled the Son with wild thoughts of success (typical kids).......all this new food we feed our kids.....they're all full of themselves....with HP, it's too much really....

November 4th, 2008 - While the rest of the Comp world close out the season in Vegas, we continue to whittle away, machining this , fabricating that, it never seems to end. IGOR has no parts available at your corner Napa store....we make everything, so right when you thought you had it all together, well, you don't. It will be a welcome moment when Son of IGOR is making noise, which will happen before going to the dyno, as we will tear it down rub and fit everything, fix the leaks, put it back together, then off to the dyno for some down home torture testing. This whole process is nothing new to Comp racing, the big difference is we have to make all the parts.....the list is getting shorter, it will sure be nice travelling next year with a spare in the trailer for the 1st time.....stay tuned.

October 2nd, 2008 - This year has been a challenge, to say the least. Medford ended our Championship hopes, when we lost to the guy we had to beat in 2nd round, Doug Lambeck. We ran well and the credit needs to go to Doug and Bob for running that well against us.....we thought we had them covered 3 ways from year......Son of IGOR is close to being on the dyno, and things look very good for the newborn. Next year will be approached with a new confidence and we are all looking forward to "life with Son of IGOR". We will post a "dyno update" sort of.....details will be scarce, enthusiasm will be plentiful, 351 cu. in. 6 cylinder with an attitude....stay tuned.

August 20th, 2008 - This has been a rather hectic period for the IGOR team, this past 6 weeks, 5 races in 6 weeks. The learning curve has been long and arduous , we feel good about our effort and guarded about the results. IGOR has had an impact wherever he goes.....our experience this year will shape our next year program....suffice to say, the picture on the menu wasn't like the food they served you. Things are good, just not as good as we were is like that. Stay tuned....we have a plan.....IGOR has given birth, SON of IGOR is coming....

July 23th, 2008 - The Schucks Poweraid nationals in Seattle had Igor grasping for victory and coming oh-so-close! First qualifier in a field of 26 cars and round after round victory left the whole crew in anticipation, but an excellent 0.006 light by Alan Freese in the final squeaked him by just enough to take victory. A good race and a gracious winner left us with a content feeling at having gone so far, and an intact index means Igor has all his cards aligned for a hopeful showing in Sonoma, CA this coming weekend! Igor took the loss harder than the crew, it seems, so it may be difficult to tame his lust for revenge...

June 29th, 2008 - HERO to ZERO....The 1st round at Seattle...after qualifying #1, was met with disaster, we lost, and we thought we were invinceable......not.  IGOR has set us a new or I am going to be choked. We feel we can win everywhere....but that is not reality....winning is tough to do....losing is easy.....and it is painful, soooooo it is on to Woodburn. I hope we can forget the Seattle mistake, it was a wake up call.    

June 18th, 2008 - We are on our way to the Seattle divisional.......and we have been busy. Right when you thought everything was in top shape, you find that everything needs a close look. We are loaded and are kooking forward to another good weekend, hope to see you all there.....IGOR is creating some noise these days.

May 31st, 2008 - IGOR WINS! I have to start this with an apology....we won and we didn't tell you....Mission is our Home track and we won there for the first felt good. The 400 e-mail's have been an experience and I have to thank everyone for their dedicated love for what we do and what we have accomplished. IGOR has landed.......and I am unable to protect you from his's all good.....but he will change you. Stay tuned.

April 30th, 2008 - In the words of that famous song....I have now become comfortably numb. We went to Boise Idaho, qualified #1, set both ends of the world record, set an NHRA record for the furthest under an index in the history of Competition Eliminator, made the front page of the Idaho Sun Sports section on Sunday morning and all in's too much. IGOR has got everyone's attention now, faster than fast....the war has just begun.

7.65 sec @ 174.60 mph

Also... new Igor stickers available! Show your support with Igor Merchandise!

April 21st, 2008 - 7.69 @ 174.08mph

Igor is back! Thanks to Steve's towback skills, the new cabinets, Rob "The Wrench"'s loading ability, and Howie's lucky driving jacket!

April 4th, 2008 - The best laid plans, more often than not, go sideways. The 2 year billet block program is going to give us a new approach to life, and at the top of the list is patience. In an act of pure optimism, I stated our race program would have new CNC billet parts ,to go to the dyno with, and be more than ready for the new season. In order to pull that off, you have to get the parts......the trucking firm lost them. For 2 months, we have dispatched every conceivable method to recover the parts, we found them in a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Portland Oregon, just sitting there. They are currently on a FedEx airplane headed here.

This has changed our plans, first and foremost, we are not going to Vegas without a spare in the trailer, so our first race will be Boise, Idaho. The billet program, well, it will happen, but I am reluctant to predict when. The current IGOR has been fitted with a new billet crank etc. and we are ready to test......which was supposed to happen this weekend at's raining. We'll try again in 2 weeks......that's it for now.

Feb 4th, 2008 - The dyno session's were beyond successful.....we happened on to an area we thought was ironed out. In 30 years I have never seen such gains in 1 area. To say we are looking forward to how it will run on the track, is a profound understatement and the new blocks on are their way....that's right, we haven't tested them yet.....IGOR is getting nasty.

Jan. 5th, 2008 - The new IGOR's didn't make it under the tree, but rumor has it they are on their way. The dyno schedule will be rigorous and if all goes well, the following Race Schedule will be engaged:





DIV   MAY   25   MISSION, B.C.

DIV   JUNE  14   FALLON, NEV.  ????








RUBY......AUGUST  20  TO  SEPTEMBER  3........RUBY  LAKE........






If IGOR and crew survive this'll be fun.....2008 is gona be great.

Dec 22, 2007 - Xmas update - Another year has gone by with a miriad of  events filling up our busy schedule. IGOR is transforming into a real race motor, gone are the junk yard crankshafts, the cast blocks that are about as hard as cheese, the skinny camshafts that flex and twist, the intake manifold that has been welded up and held together with silicone, the header that rusted out and got welded and glued back together, the throttle bodies that were cut  off a 1960 big block injector and last but not least, the extra bolts, that we refer to as the Jaguar bolts, and were used to hold the cylinder head onto the soft block to keep the head gasket from blowing, which required the removal of the header and intake, the dry-sump tank and the 12 bolt you could remove them and take the head off. Tired me out typing all that procedure.

Enter, the new billet blocks (see new picture above), billet crankshafts, 60mm camshafts, CNC intake manifold, CNC billet throttle bodies, stainless header, no more Jaguar bolts; well, you get the picture. The new IGOR is a 351, so if he wasn't feeling big before, he's gona flex his muscles now. With Christmas upon us and 2008 around the corner, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The New IGOR is about to make some noise.

Oct 22, 2007 - Winter is upon us and we decided "not" to go to Vegas and Pomona.......soooo we are going to the dyno (Ron Parr's dyno, one of the reason's IGOR exists today) to baseline the "old" motor compared to the new billet block combos that are close to completion. It's an exciting time for the IGOR camp these days as the blocks have been 2 years in the making. LSM Engineering has done a perfect job of designing and machining these blocks. They look like something out of NASA. With a liitle luck we should have the new block combo on the dyno before year end and then we will plan our 2008 schedule. 2007 was a tough year, with all we had to deal with, but as my Gram said, "in every bad thing there is a blessing". I can see it now.....IGOR is smiling. Thanks to everyone for your support this year, we are about to have some fun that we can all about zero to 60 in under a's gona happen sooner than later.....can you feel it?

Sept 11, 2007 - I know it seems like forever between updates, but we are now talking about testing at Mission. We need to finish what we almost did at Seattle and it is on our minds daily. We have a wedding we are headed to in St. Andrews , New Brunswick ( for our son Geoff and Mindy). on our return ,the clutch will be dropped. The new blocks are coming along nicely and with a little luck we will be running them next year.....ahh yes, next year, IGOR will be back.

July 29th, 2007 - We did it.....from the Friday to the following Thursday....we drove to Gillespie, Wyoming to pick up the car, drove 24 hours straight, to arrive back home , 5 am Sunday....slept 5 hours, unloaded the trailer, pulled the motor out, replaced the crankshaft and rods, reassembled everything, put the motor back in, Tuesday, fired it up Wedsday, loaded the trailer and headed for Seattle Thursday morning. Thursday was tech and credentials.... and rain.....for 4 days straight. NHRA had to create a qualifying order with no runs being made, so they based it on points, which we have zero this year, so we were put in at # 26 of 29. IGOR is a happy camper these days and we marched through three rounds on Sunday to allow us to stay for Monday and run David Rampy in the semi's. On paper, we were the fastest car of the four left and it was our race to win.....unless your starting line rpm relay falls out during the burnout and when you put the throttle to the floor, the motor goes to 9,000 rpm and the clutch engages without letting your foot off the pedal and the car leaves the line before the tree comes down. A $5.00 part causes the problem and it picks the semi-finals of a national event, that we had covered, to fall out. That relay has been plugged in for 2 years, since we picked the car up from Ness's shop in Minnesota..

All in all, we were thrilled with the performance of the car....with no test runs and our first run being 1st round of eliminations at a National event. IGOR spent the last 6 months at DAVID JANES race cars in Missouri and his new hood scoop ,mounted on the engine, and the new stainless header are a work of art. We can't thank him enough for his skills, that include the set-up of the chassis ,that had to be tested in the 1st round and proved to be perfect. Most would not know this David Janes, unless you race the ADRL 815 cu. in. 1/8th mile outlaw circuit. He is well known on this circuit and is currently engaged in a new car that he built and drives, with Shannon Jenkins, a name I'm sure you are all familiar with.

It is rather ironic that we would do so well at our 1st race of the year and our only race we plan to attend. We may test at Mission in the fall and plan for 2008.

July 3rd, 2007 - So now we can talk about it.....cause we are now, good to go. We have been working through a critical illness in our family and that is now behind us. We basically cancelled the season while all the decision's were being made on the health front. In a perfect world we will be at the Seattle race......but don't hold your breath....IGOR needs some attention before we go anywhere, but we are going to give it the old College try. Thanks for all your patience and let me tell you, it'll be good to be back.......IGOR is going to be fast....really fast.

April 18th, 2007 - There is not enough room on the internet to explain why we have not posted an update on this site. That being said, I have confirmation that our parts have been shipped and the new "billet IGOR's" can now start to be assembled.

We hope to get the ol' hot-rod fired up in time for Boise, May 12th, but the world will tremor if we don't show up for Mission, May 25th. Sorry for the long delay in posting and thanks to everyone for your support.

November 5th, 2006 - I hope you all have had another source of info. I apologize for our lack of reports....we have had an incredible year. Our good friend Stefannie Hackett came into the shop the other day and asked me what we were doing?! If you follow the points chase, we lost our mind some time ago, with the possibility of winning the division by going to the last few races......we chose not to. Good Luck figuring that one out.

August 13th, 2006 - Sonoma was awesome. Back to back races there allowed us to explore the performance potential of IGOR - we haven't scratched the surface. We are happy to report that we won 5 rounds and only lost because of driver misjudgement. How much win light are you supposed to take? More than I took is the obvious answer. Imagine trying not to win by too much margin! I'm not sure I will ever truely understand the meaning of these words. Rest assured, IGOR is a bad hombre these days and his presence is felt where ever he show's his face. "Testing" is over....

July 23rd, 2006 - The pace is picking up.....IGOR is mad.....his driver got off the throttle for so long his opponent passed him in the lights. IGOR is not happy. We learned something this weekend - being fast is only one part of the winning equation. You have to be smart in how you win each round. We are headed for Sonoma in back to back race dates, national to divisional. IGOR is mad now and anything could happen. Thank you David Nickens for what you said to me in the staging lanes...DSR is lucky to have you.

July 16th, 2006 - The juggernaut continues! July 9th Woodburn Oregon, we reset our record with a 7.83 @ 171.78 mph. July 15th @ Mission Raceway, we feset our reset record to a 7.81 @ 171.88 mph AND.....set the 1/8th mile record to a 4.96 second's @ 138.18 mph from a 5.2 seconds.

We are off to Seattle for the National event July 21st , then down to Sonoma CA the following weekend and back to Sonoma the next weekend. No time for idle chit chat..........IGOR is can feel the rumble.

June 20th, 2006 - IGOR WINS while setting the world record at Seattle's Pacific Raceway. It has been a high for 2 days and to say IGOR is back does not reflect the impact of his new power. Dominance comes to mind but the fragile threshold of power and consistency has to now find a new level. Someone once said "Winning isn't everything but losing sucks".....didn't try to do it with an IGOR. Our win this past weekend felt very good, but IGOR showing new potential felt even better. 170.51 mph in Seattle @ 1450' density altitude was a showing of new power. The only other time we ran 170 was at Mission, once, @ -300". Woodburn in 3 weeks should prove to be more fun, same page, new power. Please let this path of success feels good.

June 14th, 2006 - We are off to Seattle this weekend for what would have to be considered our 1st race of the year. Parts atrition and rain have been a problem for us this year. Our race in Seattle will be a refreshing change in venue....leave town with all equipment fresh and ready....all difficuties behind us now. Komodo's Gordon Muir will be joining us for the first time....with his '56 Nomad as our tow-back vehicle. IGOR seems happy now, for the first time in 8 months, and we are all looking forward to a fun weekend in Seattle. Come on down and say hello if you feel like a little "IGOR" hit.

May 14th, 2006 - We expect to be participating in the Mission BC Nationals on June 2nd to the 4th. Sorry for our previous error in date.

May 7th, 2006 - From the mythical world of man-made monster's and gremlin's came the name IGOR. As some believe, these monster's come alive and take on a personality of their own. The first IGOR tried our patience and only through dogged determination did he make it off the dyno and into a car to race it on a introductory level. 7 year's later, with a purpose-built Ness car and a new block holding all new parts, it would seem safe to say we are the best prepared we have ever been.

I have said this before and I need to say it again, Nothing is as it appears to be. We have 3 blocks that were cast in Austrailia under the assumption to be the same. If a Chevy, Ford, and a Dodge are the same then they are the same. We have run into a new monster with an attitude. I have lost track as to how many times it has been assembled and disassembled. Showing signs of huge horsepower.....making wierd and scary noises that only a monster could make..... we missed our Mission test day and it's been raining ever since. Only yesterday did we find the noise, but that would mean going to Boise for our 1st race untested and we have been doing this too long to make that mistake. We'll make up the race by going to Sonoma and get tested and ready for the Mission race June 2nd to the 4th.

IGOR is lurking, soon to be bolted into his chassis and unleash his's are like that.

Feb.14th, 2006 VALENTINE'S DAY - How sweet it is....all our parts are in the building and assembly is going ahead with great progress and of course a little love, with Valentine's and all. The dyno awaits us, the all new IGOR is ready for battle. Our spare has been given a new reprieve, as the repair is not as serious as first thought. We may have some news on the sponsorship front, but that will be what it will be and until such time that we are prepared to say it out loud.....we have no news. Dyno results will be posted soon, thanks for checking in.

January 10, 2006 - Happy New Year. Best laid plans have a way of going sideways when it comes to IGOR. Our block has to go back to the machine shop for further unanticipated work. This means our attempt to have a spare in the trailer will have to wait another year or maybe less. The bran new motor will now go together and go to the dyno, but that was not the plan. Nonetheless, the new piece is a result of the last 6 years of developement and I must say we are looking forward to racing with a new everything. Our schedule will now be adjusted to less travel until we get the spare finished. Stay tuned....the new IGOR is coming.

December 11th, 2005 - MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. The dyno session is getting closer, although we have a few new hurdles that were not anticipated when the dyno date was announced. Our new car had the wiring harness permanently installed by the wiring wizard, Dennis , at Ness's shop. We used to take that out of the Beretta and use it at the dyno also. Construction of the dyno harness has proven to be challenging.....the hardware must be protected for use only in the aircraft industry. Further to that delay we have taken it upon ourselves to set up for Nicoseal honing and that process is full of mystery and secret potions. IGOR will prevail, his brother is coming along nicely, and the mighty arm of Mr. Parr {he only has one} will once again throw the hammer down on the throttle of the testing machine he so fondly calls "his dyno"......and as has become standard procedure {also written on the nose of the Cavalier} looks sideways and say "STAND READY".

October 15th, 2005 - It seems like an eternity since I put any encouraging words on tthis news forum, so I am about to.......IGOR is going to the dyno next month. It is with great trepadation that I say we are looking forward to it. After the first 2 or 3 pulls we will all take a deep breath and proceed to testing all the new parts and some new idea's. The only positive thing about not racing since July 20th is we go into the winter with our index intact. I'm quite sure we would of gone to Chicago this year and that was a slaughter of indexes....-200 ft. air, yikes! Brad is massaging the cylinder head, Ron is rubbing the block, Al is brain-storming, Steve is gathering and shipping parts, and I'm on the phone { I had to throw that in for all the people out there that were thinking it}. Stay tuned.....IGOR is coming.

September 14th, 2005 - We are all off to Toronto for "Super Steve's" wedding. As everyone in division 6 know's " IT'S STEVE'S FAULT", we can now go see how a man that is always at fault ,deals with marriage. Motor's blow up and we all know it is Steve's fault.....but what are we to think when his new wife, Leslie, says "that's not good enough". I guess titanium rods are the only answer. fault here. IGOR is on his way back.....after the wedding. The more I think of's still Steve's fault.

August 25th, 2005 - We can now start the rebuilding process, with the peace of mind that the problem has been found. The mystery surrounding IGOR'S self destruction, 2 runs in a row, had everyone we know coming up with a new theory. Our Motec engine management system had the answer deep in it's memory bank. As with all problems during the developement of IGOR, this new found path of destruction {that we thought was all behind us now} has a twist of fate that could only find IGOR. Nonetheles, in a strange way it might make us better ....with a little help from our friends. And I must say....IGOR has friends....bigtime.
We will slowly put IGOR back together and go to Mission, make a run and come home and take it apart. If we see what we think we are going to see {nice rod bearings} then we will go back and make 2 runs and look again. If all is well......well who knows, what to do with the rest of the season will be looked at then.
This being said we are off to Ruby Lake for our summer vacation for some rest and relaxation{ with our 70 mph ski boat}. And to think that 3 years ago we were wondering if IGOR was going to good enough for a boat, let alone what he is doing now. We will post our Mission test results when they happen and again thanks for all your support.

August 3rd, 2005 - IGOR got hurt again at Seattle. After the 1st qualifying session we were #4, but we felt it should of been faster. Saturday's session proved to be mine-shaft conditions and career best E.T.'s were had by all......except IGOR. Our new challenge is to find the magic that seemed so easy from October to June. We will miss our Home-Track race ar Mission this weekend, yet I will pick up our 7.84 @ 170.74 National Record that we set at the rained out May race. That race is being run off on Thursday and until it is finished the records are not official. I hope that "easy" feeling comes back, because there is nothing easy about what's going on right now. Thank you everyone for all the kind e-mails and phone-calls.....IGOR will be back.

July 13th, 2005 - It is with great trepadation that I tell you, we will be in Seattle next week. IGOR has been abused on a whole new level.....yet there is hope. The period of bliss....qualifying #1 at every race has ended....reality has set in and in a convuluted way, we are happier. If Seattle proves to be a success, we will continue for the rest of the season....if not we are going boating with the plan to attack next year. We are so tired out right now, the only thing that could re-energize us is a low E.T. That being's all good if we go fast again.....stay tuned....

July 11th, 2005 - We have figured out how to turn a good thing into a disaster. The fast... trouble free.... IGOR has turned into a monster. We drive over the crankshaft at 150 mph in Seattle and through a feat of monumental proportion, we fix it in time for Woodburn, only to tear it up again on the first run, with an apparent rod bolt failure. This was painful, our new crankshaft is hurt on it's first run. Stay tuned for the motor damage report. This sure is a lot of work....I hope we can make it back soon....if not IGOR will be put back on the dyno for more torture, to prove his worth. What happened anyhow? I go from hero to zero overnight. IGOR will be back.....after a serious regroup.

June 22nd, 2005 - Boise proved to be tougher for us than we have been used to lately. When the smoke cleared we were #3 and not particularly happy with that. Nonetheless, the 17 car field gave us a bye in the 3rd round, but I lifted too early in the 2nd round and lost going -47 @ 140. My 1st lesson in how much win light to not take. Seattle started out good but in the 2nd qualifying session IGOR lost the #3 rod journal from the crank complete with the whole rod. We drove over it at 150mph. The damage has ended up to be minimal, cyl. head was untouched, no water in the oil, cam was untouched, some bent valves. 12 new: lifters , push-rods, rocker pivots, valves , 6 new rods and pistons and we are good to go. We were 10 runs away from rods and pistons, so we have all the parts. The new crank for the new motor is sitting in the box. IGOR will be back......sooner than later,,,,,,probably Woodburn July 8th. Thanks for checking in.

June 1st, 2005 - We are off to Boise Idaho, potato country, IGOR is wondering what the altitude track will have in store for him. The drive through the Snohomish mountain range is beautiful and gives us a break from the same highways we always seem to go down. Stay tuned as we will try to update throughout the weekend. If not check out and click on drag news at the top right of the page, then watch the Competition Eliminator qualifying and eliminations. Bye for now...

May 17th, 2005 - IGOR'S rampage continues. Our home track Mission Raceway proved to be the fast track that we all knew IGOR would like. He liked it a lot. We qualified low at a 7.84 @ 170.76 and backed that run up wiyh a 7.91 @ 169.20 to set a new world record. IGOR has now been taken apart and inspected for wear and tear. 52 runs since any major repairs have been done (that in itself is a record for IGOR). Our new Liberty clutchless transmission has now been looked at also for the first time in 52 looks like new. Boise Idaho is our next stop on the divisional tour, June 3rd. This will be the first factored altitude track we have run at with the new car so we are looking forward to index hits to worry about. We will put a link in to view and or buy the new IGOR shirt in one of the sections. Thanks for checking in and watch for our new sponsor announcement in the next few weeks.

April 23rd, 2005 - Seattle National-Open - Qualified #1, set the 1/8th mile record, and will be in the final, that will be run at Mission on May 12th prior to the running of the points-race. Pacific Raceway has an 8:00 pm curfew so all remaining cars will be run off at that time. It is hard to imagine how fast this thing is going to be at's all good.

February to April 2005 - First and foremost I must apologize for the "No News"; there is so much news I cannot decide where to begin. There will be monthly updates from this day forward. We made the trip to Phoenix with 1 run on the new Cavalier, a new clutch in the can with no runs on it, and no data on what the car might want. This is not the way to go to a national event altough the potential for success was large. The first run was a little scary, but with Al's perfect clutch calls and Don Ness with the chassis calls that simply defyed belief (We basically left the phone on), every run was faster than the previous and the track was tough to get hold of in high gear. The 7.94 at the 1st Phoenix race was a happy moment and it made Al and Don look pretty good. Steve, Dolly, and Geoff adapted to the new car like they had been running it as long as the Beretta. Brenda loves the new air-chute, "it's a piece of cake to pack with no [as Brenda says] boigner in it.[the little spring chute]. We qualified #3 with 42 cars there, won the "Best Engineered" award complete with a cheque for $1,000.00, won 1st round and lost 2nd round due to a poor light. We were happy and looking forward to the next weekend at Phoenix for the points race. The air was not as good ,yet we ran 7.93 and qualified low in the first session. If not for that "rain" word the air was 1500' better for the 2nd session but we were shut off as I staged the car. 1st round was a guess as to where to put the weight ,as we did not call Ness , for reasons we are still trying to figure out and of course we were wrong. I aborted the run on the 3rd gear change as the gaurdrail was coming up fast. Homeward bound with a smile.....IGOR LIVES.

September 26th, 2004 - Countless months of hard work, dedication, inovation, and a whole lot of care by the whole staff at Ness Racecraft have resulted in a thing of beauty. Igor now has a new set of legs! The photos speak for themselves.

Look for first run results in the next few weeks!

August 25th, 2004 - The Ness Racecraft Cavalier is getting close to completion. Igor is in Blaine, Minnesota and he gets put in and out of his new chassis on a daily basis. Every bracket has a purpose, every move is a decision by committee. Ness has the override on all discussions, but if you know him, this is the way it must be. Dennis, Jimbo, Andy, Greg, Brian, Brent, Jerry, and the entire Ness workforce create "their" race-cars.

Igor's race-car is soon to be a reality. When you are waiting for the birth of a child, there is no pushing the fast button. The wait is soon to be over... Stay tuned! The saga continues.

June 20th, 2004 - The new IGOR t-shirts have arrived! Fresh off the press, in blood and bolts, a new IGOR shirt is just what you need! Check back soon to purchase yours online! In the mean time, please email for ordering. Shirts are available in white, grey, black, and in both t-shirt, tank top, hooded sweatshirt. Click here to see them!

Seattle points race proved to be a challenge in the 90 degree heat. Igor's new power level has proven to be difficult to harness. In spite of this rather delightful problem, he runs fast anyhow! Our 1.07 60 foot times are now 1.13, but the new Don Ness™ Cavalier is one month away, and Igor is excited! We are headed to Woodburn, Oregon for the July 8th points race, leaving from there for Minneapolis to pickup the new car, and heading for the Chicago points race on July 18th. Any further sleep required will be taken now...

June 14th, 2004 - Woodburn Oregon. New World Record.

7.998 @ 167.84mph

Igor LIVES!! Look out Seattle.. here he comes!

May 16th, 2004 - The longest winter in history is over. A new Igor made his best power ever... on the DYNO... (key words). Our 8.19 @ 163 showing at the Mission points race proved once again that you don't race dynos. We managed to put on an embarassing performance, running slower than we ever have. 8.19 @ 163. With the mystery still fresh in what was left of our minds, we returned to Mission 4 days later. Al had a theory, Ness was mad at us for not calling him from the race, he was sure about what was wrong, I had a headache that wouldn't go away, but there was a glimmer of hope. We returned to the scene of the crime, examined the evidence, did the water burnout, and proceeded to run 8.00 @ 169. That's right. This is not a misprint:

169.04 MPH!

We had trouble getting down the track kas our 60' was 1.13, normally 1.08, often 1.07. Who cares. IGOR IS BACK! 169MPH showed us the power "In the car" not on the dyno. The new billet head produced by Brad Claridge, the new block prepped and machined by LSM Engineering, the talented Ron Parr on the dyno, and the braintrust of Al Lougheed and Les Davenport all get to take a bow. It worked, and we are going to have some fun now!

In other news, the worst kept secret we have can now be officially announced. Don Ness is now carefully crafting our J/A purpose-built Cavalier, and it's a dream come true! Of course, that means our Don Ness Beretta is now FOR SALE. Please see our ad in the National Dragster and at this link.

September 11th, 2003 - What a season this has not been. At the Woodburn points race, Igor's block developed an irrepairable crack. On June 13th, we shipped a new block out for all the specialty machining processes we needed to get done, and today we heard that the block is nearing completion. We never dreamed it would take this long, but we are resolved that it is a stronger Igor. Les Davenport and Shaun at Acceleration Enterprises have built us a new induction system and, with a little luck, we may pick up the last few races of the year at Vegas and California. For all our fans that have emailed and phoned us to ask what's going on, thank you for your support and, in the famous words of Arnold... Igor says.. "I'll be back"

June 4th, 2003 - We leave tomorrow morning for the Woodburn, Oregon points race with high hopes of success. Our testing at Mission Raceway Park this past Sunday proved rather encouraging, with Igor in his freshly welded and rebuilt-state giving the best 330 foot time ever before track conditions forced an aborted run. In Igor we trust?

February 15th, 2003 - A clip of the ESPN "Sportsman Spotlight" done on Igor and the Harrison Racing Team has been posted in the Media section. Click here to be taken there.

January 25, 2003 - Recent Dyno Testing has been hugely successful. A commonly known phenomena in racing is that when more power is made, something breaks. Our plans to attend the Winternationals in Pamona, California will have to be cancelled, as a result. We are on track to continue our development and should be ready for the Las Vegas National Event in April.

December 24, 2002 - Merry Christmas to all our friends and fans. IGOR has been hard at work on the dyno over this holiday season, and has shown some encouraging results. This new found power may trigger a trip to the Winternationals in February, 2003. Confirmation of our schedule will be posted in early January. Thanks go out to to everyone for all your support and may "Happiness is a low ET" find it's way into your heart this Christmas!

August 22, 2002 - As most of you are aware IGOR has made his debut in a few news paper articles. Click on the links below to see them!

Harrison heats up (North Shore News)

Driving in the fastest lane (Vancouver Sun)

From zero to sixty (North Shore News)

August 18th, 2002 - Race City Motorsport Park, Calgary Alberta. Calgary sits at 3500 feet above sea level. This was a new challenge for IGOR as we have never run or tuned for altitude race tracks. it was a pleasant surprise that we found the sweet spot in the tune-up and the clutch. We qualified number one for the first time in our carieer. The signifigance of this was particularly satisfying as the fastest car in our division was at the race. We made it to the final round, where a clutch problem surfaced and slowed us down. All in all a fun and uplifting weekend. We are off to Yakima, WA for a Lucas oil series points race, August 23rd and 24th. The points race is heating up.

July 27th, 2002 - Pacific Raceway, Kent, Wa. Igor ran as well as we could of hoped. Running 8.01 at 166.24 miles per hour was good enough for the 11th qualifing spot out of the 32 car field. We were able to make it through two rounds of competiton. During the course of the race we were interviewed and filmed by ESPN. A brief showing of this footage was done on Sunday morning at 11am on NHRA Today. The full showing will be Saturday, Aug 10th at 3pm ET on ESPN2. Our next race is at Race City Motorsports Park home of the Canadian Nationals in Calgary, Alberta. Canada on Aug 16-18.

July 20th, 2002 - Mission Raceway, Mission BC. Our first run was an 8.04 at 166.66 miles per hour! When it came time to back-up the run, we weren't sure if we could do it because the conditions were dropping steadly. But these concerns were unjustified because we ran 8.08 at 165.83 miles an hour, which backed up the first run. Also, since this race was a national open we were also able to set the 1/8 mile record as well. So the new WORLD RECORD for the 1/4 mile is 8.04 at 166.66 miles per hour, and the 1/8 miles WORLD RECORD is 5.10 at 134.24 miles an hour

July 14th,2002 - Woodburn, OR After finnally, beating the bad air and track conditions we managed to run 8.13 at 164.47 miles per hour. This is faster than the record we set at Somona. We backed up this run with a run of 8.03 at 166.85 miles per hour. This however was more then 1% of the 8.13 so the WORLD RECORD is now 8.13 at 164.47 miles per hour.

June 29th, 2002 -The weekend in Sonoma, CA started off good by running 8.073 at 165.01 miles per hour on our first qualifiing run, which was faster than the current world record. We backed up the run with 8.154 at 162.78 miles per hour. Howver this was not within 1% of the 8.073 run, so we currently hold the WORLD RECORD at 8.154 at 162.78 miles per hour.

June 1st, 2002 - IGOR has landed! Today Igor ran the fastest he has ever run, putting the Don Ness Beretta to a blazing 7.98 at 167 miles per hour in bad air, hot temperatures, and sub-par track conditions. Click here to see video of the run.

April 7th, 2002 - IGOR is BACK! The dyno gods have smiled upon us and given IGOR a new lease on life. Every single pull produced more power, and after 9 pulls, we stopped. Count on IGOR being at Mission in 2 weeks to prepare for the May 5th points race. Is this 2 year trial of human and mechanical patience coming to a successful conclusion? Stay tuned...

March 22, 2002 - After some time spent on the dyno, we have been encouraged at the positive results we have recieved. Igor is in perfect health, and making more power than he has in the last 2 years.

March 1st, 2002 - We won first place in the Vancouver Motorsport show this weekend. At the show, we debuted the new "Parr Patriot" aluminum CNC connecting rods, made by Ron Parr, IGOR's trainer and owner of IGOR's dyno. These are the first aluminum connecting rods to be produced and sold by a Canadian company, and IGOR is proud to have them on his crank.

A substantial order of these rods has been placed by one of the largest mail order companies in the United States. You heard it here first!

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